Aircon FAQ

aircon faq

Aircon Services Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to aircon services frequently asked questions and common problems of air conditioners such as water leaking, aircon not cold enough, and aircon making weird noises. We will periodically update this aircon services FAQ. For aircon and repair services in Singapore, drop us a WhatsApp message or give us call now.

Aircon temperature is set too high. Windows and doors are opened. Remote control is not the cooling mode. Indoor fancoil is dirty resulting in weak discharge of cool airoutdoor condenser is dirty resulting in overheating of compressor. Parts may be faulty. May not be enough refrigerant in the aircon system. Air conditioner installed is undersized.

Water condensate in the indoors fancoil and discharge through a drainage pipe. Water will start leak when the drainage pipe is choked /clogged

Electrical power is not working.
Wiring problem
P.C.B problem.

Regular service of your air conditioning equipments will provide the following benefits:

Benefit 1: The air conditioner will cool better.
Benefit 2: The electrical consumption of the air conditioning equipments will be lower.
Benefit 3: Aircon leaking will be minimize.
Benefit 4: There will be less need for aircon repair.
Benefit 5: The air con equipment lifespan will be prolonged.

In general, it is recommended that residential air conditioners be serviced and checked every 3 months and every month for commercial air conditioner. The duration varies with different usage pattern and other environmental factors. Please seek the assessment of a qualified technician.

The basic maintenance that is recommended is the cleaning of the air filter and outer panel of the air conditioner every 2 weeks. This will helps to improve the air conditioning of the room.

Noise is normally generated from

Vibration noise resulted from dirty indoor fancoil / outdoor condenser. Noisy draft resulted from dirty indoor fancoil. Loose mounting of component in the air conditioning system. Faulty parts in the air conditioning system.

The smell comes from bacteria formed by microbes in the warm dark humid environment in the indoor fancoil unit. Sometimes when the smell is very bad you may need a more intensive chemical treatment to rectify this problem.

Chemical overhaul/cleaning is a very thorough way of cleaning the air conditioner. When an air conditioner is badly clogged/ choked and a general service can’t improve the condition, an overhaul is necessary. In an overhaul, the air conditioner is dismantle part by part and chemically wash.

By dismantling the fan coil unit, the air conditioning individual components can be washed thoroughly. This will help better clean the unit and also not leaving behind chemical residue that may leas to the corrosion of the fan coil. For more info, click on this article.

We provide services for different types and brands of air conditioner. The following are some example:

Window air conditioner
Casement air conditioner
Residential split air conditioner
Commercial air conditioner (Daikin VRV system)