How much is aircon servicing in Singapore (2021 – 2022)?

How much is aircon servicing in Singapore (2021 - 2022)?

How much is aircon servicing in Singapore (2021 – 2022)?

Learn how much is aircon servicing in Singapore for year 2021 to 2022. Air conditioners is an essential household fixtures nowadays. With the rising temperature in Singapore, it is not uncommon that many people turn on their aircons to avoid the heat stress.

As many people already know, aircon servicing is usually not included in the sales warranty when purchasing a new set of air conditioners. The cost of aircon servicing in Singapore varies from aircon companies to aircon contractors.

Here is a price comparisons of aircon repairs and servicing from 10 reputable aircon companies in Singapore including us.

Disclaimer: The indicated prices is from internet search and is for reference only and may varies from actual price for each respective aircon companies. It is advised for you to check the actual price with each companies yourself. Price indicated are not inclusive of transportation and other sub charges*

Company Aircon Price For 1 Time General Servicing up to 6 Units
Good Cool Sg $40 – $115
Starcool $40 – $150
Gain City $30 – $300
Mitsubishi $40 – $240
SoCool $42.80 – $121.98
Courts Singapore $45 – $350
Daikin $80 – $360
Ambience Cool $21 – $180
Marvelous Aircon $42.80 – $121.98
Master Cool $40 – $114

What is included in aircon general servicing also known as aircon general cleaning service?

At Good Cool SG, the scope of work usually includes the following:

  • Cleaning of aircon indoor fan coil
  • Clearing of aircon drainage piping
  • Checking of air conditioner system
  • Clean & check aircon air filter, front panel, and cover
  • Deodorizing and purifying aircon filter
  • Clean and check indoor evaporator coil
  • Clean and check aircon indoor drainage tray (Wall mount fan coil)
  • Vacuuming of aircon drainage pan (Ceiling mount fan coil)
  • Vacuuming of aircon drainage system
  • Brush and check outdoor aircon condenser coil
  • Check aircon fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary)
  • Check aircon compressor suction and discharge gas pressure
  • Tightening of electrical contacts

Benefits of Aircon Servicing

  • Cleaner and healthier air
  • Stronger cooling air
  • Clear or prevent aircon water leaking problems
  • Prolong air conditioners usage
  • Save cost in long term

Any warranty for aircon servicing?

Usually there is a warranty period from 30 days to 90 days on service workmanship for services rendered. At Good Cool Sg, we provide up to 90 days warranty on service workmanship for our aircon services.

How long it takes for aircon servicing?

Usually it takes around 15 minutes to 30 minutes per air conditioner unit and it also depends on the complexity of work required. For instance, if there is a major water leaking problem, it will takes longer time to investigate for source of leaking and to fixing the leakage itself.

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