Aircon Installation

Aircon Installation – A professional and experienced aircon installation is helpful for the performance and life expectancy of your new aircon unit. You might be faced with multiple aircon installation options, thus taking time to choose the best one will help you in the long term. We provide the high quality and the top aircon brands for aircon installation.


$40 Transport and Troubleshooting Fee will be Waived Off if repair is required. The only costs incurred are the Aircon Components and Service Charge.

Our Servicing Process

Dismantle the old aircon & Install new aircon

Our skilled installation team will dismantle the old units and install new units. The installation of the air conditioning system is time-consuming and needs to be followed closely with step-by-step instructions for the system to function efficiently and properly.

Connection of the pipes

Connect the drainage pipe to the indoor unit, then bind the bound cables and pipes to the wall through the holes created. Ensure that the drainage pipe allows the water to drain easily to the correct location.

Connect electrical wires

When connecting the wires, check with the wiring diagram of the unit to ensure that you are connecting all the cables in a similar way as they are on the diagram. It is very important to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions.

Inspection and Maintenance recommendations

After the new aircon is installed, our technicians will do an inspection to ensure that it’s working well. We always make sure that our aircon specialists have the necessary equipment to perform a proper and  safe aircon installation.