Weird smell from aircon – Explanations

weird smell from aircon

Weird smell from aircon

Find out what causes air conditioner to be smelly

Determine the source of the weird smell from aircon

Is there weird smell from aircon when you switched on your air conditioner? First, you have to determine the source of the unpleasant smell. It might be from your air conditioner or the room itself.

Contrary to popular belief, air conditioner does not eliminate or control unpleasant smell. It does not filter out unpleasant smell and keep the room smelling fresh. Air conditioner are made to circulate air and control temperature. Thus the stinky smell might be from some things in the room and it is being circulate in the air around the room by the aircon itself.

When you eliminate all the other possible source of smell and the weird smell is really coming from your air conditioner. Then it is certainly time to get aircon services .

Weird smell is a clear indication of problem in your air conditioner

A weird smell is an indication of several different problem. Most of them are harmful to your health!

  1. Mildew or mold

    Excess moisture in your air conditioner might cause mildew or mold flowing through the duct. Certain strain of mold can lead to bleeding in the lung or pneumonia. Young children and elderly are the most susceptible to it! It is highly inadvisable for you to clean the air conditioner yourself as it will expose you and your family to the mold more. Call up your aircon servicing company for some serious aircon cleaning services.

  2. ‘Old sock’ smell

    Dirty evaporator coil, clogged drain pans and stagnant water will cause this ‘old sock’ smell.

  3. Cigarette smell

    Cigarette smell could accumulate in the evaporator coil and filter when somebody smoke in the room.

  4. Burning smell

    Something in the air conditioner might be overheat or it might be some wiring issue. If the smell is more similar to incense stick smell then it might be due to a short circuit in the air conditioner circuit board. Disconnect your air conditioner from the breaker box immediately. Contact your aircon services technicians for a check for any aircon repair works.

  5. Sewage smell

    Backed up sewer line and rupture sewer line is often the cause of it.

  6. Rotting smell

    A rat might have die in your air conditioner duct and is decomposing. Open window for ventilation and call an air conditioner servicing provider now.

  7. Rotten egg smell

    It could be an indication of gas leak. Natural gas are odorless thus air conditioner manufacturer add mercantile to alert people where there is a gas leak.

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